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Hey! We are Blake and Saphire Walker! We're from the wilderness of beautiful, snowy Minnesota! We have many things we're passionate about but one we feel strongly about is helping to make a difference and inspire others with our testimonies and life's stories. If you know us personally, you know that we don't hide the yucky parts of our life together. We keep it real and raw because we feel strongly that God has lead us through certain trials so we can help guide others through them as well. We have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and have a whole lot to be thankful for. 

A lot of people see their identity in their accomplishments or line of work; so if we listed all the things we do it'd go like this.

Blake: Fulltime EMT, volunteer firefighter, house flipper, dj, owner of Inspire Dance Academy, motorcycle transformer, musician, creative being that always needs a project to work on.

Saphire: Writer, motivational speaker, photographer, preschool teacher, interior designer, dance teacher & choreographer, singer and songwriter, owner of Inspire Dance Academy, creative being that can't sleep at night there's so many ideas flowing out.

Uffda. (as my gramma would say) that's a lot to keep up with, so why don't you just identify us as Blake and Saphire, that one couple that does the things and loves Jesus! It's so nice to meet you! Thanks for sticking around long enough to read about our crazy life! 


In this blog, I write about all the things Blake and I love, the struggles we've gone through, the mountains we've climbed, the blessings we've had pour out and the home we've built and created together. Some topics we feel called to talk about are marriage; loving your spouse after they've betrayed you, how to create a healthy marriage, and what it looks like to love someone unconditionally like God loves us! Homemaking; how to create a home that's welcoming and a safe place for you and others to run to in times of need. Worship; What it looks like to worship God in our day to day life, in seasons of hurting, in seasons of waiting, in seasons of change, in seasons of grieving.


 We are so excited to show you some inside of what our life looks like and motivate, inspire and give love to whoever stumbles across our blog/website. Sending love to whoever jumps aboard our ship! Enjoy!

-The Walker's

"My cup overflows with your blessings."

Psalm 23:5

GOD gives us so much to be thankful for in good and bad moments. If we stopped and looked around more often we would realize with full hearts that if we have GOD we have everything. 



Sometimes in life we stray away from what the real meaning and purpose of our life is. We think that there's just one path that leads us to success only to realize that our purpose is on the passage rather than at the end. So live life to the fullest, laugh so hard you pee, and love with all your heart. Your purpose is worth more than you could have ever imagined.

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