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My Interior Design Side

The love of house decor started when I moved into my very first house. I was renting it with a few besties and it was one of the best experiences! It was a super old house with 3 different levels, creeky stairs, and hidden doors. After moving in I found myself obsessing over what I could buy to make it look better and still keep the old charm. I sat on Pinterest night after night looking at different decor and designs of rooms and fell in love with the way a few pieces could make the whole room light up. My obsession became even stronger the year I moved to Nashville! Before moving to Nashville, a month before, we went out searching for jobs in the area. I saw an Ashley Furniture truck driving past on the way there and I told everyone in the truck at that moment, "I'm going to work at that furniture store." My Dad assured me that I couldn't just get every job I want, but I was determined! We ended up following the truck down the road and into a driveway to ask the driver where the store was located. A few weeks past and I was employed with my first Tennessee job! A furniture store! As I started my job, customers came in and would ask questions. I was sales associate and didn't like that side as much as really just helping someone with their house, not forcing them to buy something for a sale! By far my favorite part of the job was finding what the customers style was, taking pieces from all over the store and putting them together on the furniture they had picked out. Accessories, and throws, shams and duvets! It was like a home decor dream! As I slowly parted ways with this furniture store I found myself buying more and more decor as the months went on. Luckily enough, my creative husband is completely into this stuff as well and started building it all! You could say my list for the things we so call "need" grows longer and longer everyday seeing all the new trends I just "have to have"! His business is one of the most wonderful creations I've ever witnessed. But that's for a different time 😉. My love for hosting and filling my home with beautiful decor has become so wonderful and peaceful for me. It is a way to express yourself while letting others into the most vaulnerable place you own. You can create a space that makes you feel a certain way or gives you creative thoughts. A space that creates memories on a snowy Christmas Day and a life filled full of happiness!

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