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The Warm and Fuzzies

Maybe it's the Minnesota in me, or the love of watching snow fall and glisten on the trees. But something about hot cocoa and fuzzy blankets makes my heart warm! I love interior design and home decor and so after reading and studying up on all the latest trends my mind cannot stray from the Scandinavian and Hygge home trends! With furry blankets, warm drinks, candlelit dinners, and lots of creative wood textures, my mind finds pure joy in filling my home with such cozy feels all year round! To get this look, I find it best to pair lots of different shades of grays and neutrals. Keep it as clutter free as you possibly can with decor, walls, patterns and extras. The only exception I have for that rule, is throw pillows and blankets! This is by far my favorite part of all. Filling your home with tons of throw pillows, and cozy throw blankets makes the whole look come together. Secondly, collect a few of the candles in your home and put together in a group on your kitchen or coffee table. Using candles in all rooms of your house is super encouraged to get that glowing, cozy feeling. Third, mix some natural wood items such as wood tables, night stands and decor into each room and string some lights above your bed area. I chose to fill my space with some special photos and memories as well with some natural wood behind. ( I chose black and whites so I could keep the look of my home crisp and clean feeling with very limited brights) As far as furniture goes I always try sticking with neutrals as well, such as blue cool tones, whites, browns and lots of gray! I always love furniture that has unique peg legs or a unique style to bring out the modern and classy side of things. Lastly, turn on your fireplace, grab a blanket and drink some hot chocolate!

Dinning Room

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