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Shine Bright Like A Diamond (My Skin Routine)

In the winter, for me at least, my skin has little glow. My family is laughing right now as they read this thinking, she's the palest person on earth she ALWAYS glows! (Glows in the dark that is.) But truly, in the summer my skin seems to glow of radiance and all my natural freckles pop and I couldn't love it more, but in the winter especially in the North, it tends to stay dry, flaky and has very little glow! I also struggle with having more breakouts in the winter since it is so dry. So I thought why not share some of my favorite tips and secrets on my favorite skin routine and also give tips on how to keep your skin glowing and fresh throughout all seasons of the year.

1. Rodan + Fields Unblemish

My absolute favorite skin care line is part of the Rodan+Fields line. It's a prescription treatment that helps get rid of and tame acne almost instantly. The 4 step program is my life saver especially when it comes to breakouts. I have found with this program I have to add an exfoliater and also a more hydrating lotion since it is so drying, which comes to my next favorite!

2. Clinique Exfoliating Scrub

Since I've been young I have always had a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris. It is where you have little red rough looking bumps on the sides of your face, on the backs of your arms and sometimes even on your legs. As far as I can remember I have always had to use a great exfoliating scrub to help tone down the roughness and help to make my face look more smooth when I apply makeup! It doesn't help that I am so pale so every bump on my face you can see and there is definitely no option of tanning it away that's for sure! Clinique's exfoliater has been my go to since I was 14. I gently scrub my face in the shower before I apply the first step of my Rodan+ Fields regimen. If you do have Keratosis or even just lots of dry, flaky skin, I recommend always using an exfoliant and also using a natural sponge to gently scrub the areas where you have it. See below to see what the sponge looks like!

Natural Sea Sponge

3. Mary Kay Oil Free Makeup Remover

Removing your makeup, especially eye makeup is super important in protecting your skin. My favorite is Mary Kay's Oil Free makeup remover. It removes my eye makeup nicely and doesn't irritate my eye in the process. For ladies with Eyelash Extensions who cannot use a liquid based remover, I suggest Burt's Bees Makeup Wipes for Sensitive Skin. I find those to be best in keeping your extensions well kept and also being able to remove the eye makeup around or on the extension.

4. Mary Kay (Botanical Effects) Hydrating Lotion

After I finish exfoliating my face and doing my Rodan+ Fields skin care routine, I ALWAYS use a super hydrating moisturizer so my skin can rejuvenate and my favorite so far is from Mary Kay. I lather it on thick right before I go to bed so my face will stay hydrated after I cleanse it and protect it from getting breakouts. Hydrating your skin is by far the most crucial part in having great skin. It helps keep your face hydrated so your body wont have to build up oils to push out causing more breakouts and it also helps to keep wrinkles away!

5. Clinique Under Eye Cream

Clinique's under eye cream is a huge part of my regimen mostly because under eyes are so fragile. Our under eye carries the thinest and softest skin on our bodies. Which means in return, we have to take extra good care of it to make sure we don't create wrinkles by deeply drying it out or for most, so their makeup and concealer will lay smoothly. I apply this heavily to my under eye right before bed. Some morning's if it is really dry, I will also apply this in the morning right before I apply my makeup as well.

6. Plexus ProBio5

A good probiotic has a lot to do with skin as well! My favorite probiotic is from Plexus. I am a diehard fan of all the Plexus products and love that they are all natural and safe for all ages! This probiotic also has prebiotics as well which makes these work in your body double time giving you just the right amount of good and bad bacteria. Which levels out your gut, and if you've done your research you'll know your gut essentially is the root of everything in your body.

7. Green Tea w/ Lemon and Honey

Hydrate your body! If you are anything like me, you dread getting in those 8 glasses of water! So instead of plain water I switched to green tea with lemon and local honey. Green tea is a great cleanser for your skin and body and detoxes your system. Sip away hot or cold with a slice of lemon and a dash of honey!

9. Neutrogena Sunscreen

Lastly, the thing no one wants to hear! WEAR SUNSCREEN! I can't tell you enough how important it is to protect your skin from the sun and from getting wrinkles! My favorite sunscreen is Neutrogena. I have found this is the only sunscreen that doesn't make my face feel oily and doesn't clog my pores. I usually use 100 SPF on super hot days especially while living in Nashville!

I hope this has helped a little! Keep in mind that everyones skin is different and you will find what works for you! <3

Love to all of you beautiful girls! - Saphire

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