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//Living an Earthy Life//

I've always been into the hippie-dippie lifestyle. The organic soaps, oils, cleaners, eats, clothing, yoga and peace of mind. Something about the smells, the way it makes your body feel, and positive mindset gives me all the feels. (and no, I'm not talking about smoking a joint people) I'm talking about living from the earth, adventuring outdoors, trying new things, soul searching and using organic raw products and home goods.

Honesty moment right here. After our wedding, life immediately got crazy and living this whole, earth centered life style slowly slipped through my fingers. The crazy busy schedule took over my life and I became less focused on taking care of my body. After this past month something finally clicked again and here I am back on track and wanted to share my favorite whole food recipes, beauty products, home decor, cleaning essentials and ways to improve your mental health.

Natural Beauty

Some of my favorite beauty products come straight from the shelf of Target or Walmart.

Lotion: Shea Moisture Pistachio

Find this brand and scent at Walgreens! A friend uses this lotion and matching oil to make a yummy homemade recipe for body soothing, glowing skin magic!

Michelle's Recipe below.

1 bottle of Shea Moisture Pistachio lotion

1 bottle of Shea Moisture Pistachio Oil

1 half container of Vaseline (or mix in until you get the texture you desire)

1 bottle of unscented lotion

Directions: Put all ingredients into blender and blend until it's the thickness you desire!

Bath Essentials: Dead Sea Soap Bar (One with Nature)

Find this in the organic aisle! I use this on my whole body; including to wash the oily makeup off my face before I cleanse with my acne treatment.

Lip Care: Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm

My all time favorite lip soother! I put this on right after washing my face at night and take it to work with me for during the day chapped lips. The natural scent and smooth texture makes for perfectly kissable lips!


Favorite recipe books: Nutrition Stripped by McKel Hill ( Find it on Amazon!): While cooking her recipes, it's so nice to know that I can trust every single recipe that is in there! All whole and every ingredient is straight from the Earth. Plus she's from Nashville and is a nutritionist herself, what more could you ask for?!

Tone It Up; 28 days to Fit, Fierce and Fabulous by Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn (Find it at Target!): Everything fabulous from learning to grow your self confidence and create healthy habits, to amazing workouts, recipes and motivation tips. This book and these girls inspire me more and more each day I read it!

Healthy Mindset

An important part of living whole, is maintaining good mental health and surrounding yourself with things that make you feel happy and motivated! One of my favorite ways to relax and find my happy place is doing yoga. Below are links to my favorite routines. Yoga is proven to help body, mind and soul. It feels so good to clear your mind especially after a long day.

Finding your stress relievers and coping methods are so huge in living a healthy life. Whether that be writing, yoga, singing, playing sports, being outdoors, working out, etc. Whatever it may be, find your niche and go to that when anxiety or stress levels are high, when you are feeling upset or had a bad day. Coping with these things in a healthy way is so crucial to living a positive, fulfilling life.

Being strong in my faith, I find one of the things that helps me to relax and find peace within our busy lives, is sitting and reading scripture or praying with a close friend.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7)

Oils and Cleaning Products

EEEKK! My favorite. Oils here, there, everywhere!!! My favorite earthy product ever is my essential oils. Whether I am defusing them, cleaning with them, or using them as natural medicine. Using oils in our house is an everyday thing. Here are a few of my favorites.

I use Melaleuca on my face for breakouts. This oil is pure magic!

Rub Lavender on the bottom of your feet before you go to sleep at night, or your wrists when you're feeling anxious.

Thieves is my absolute favorite oil. I clean with it, use it when I am sick, and completely adore the smell as well. Rub it on your neck and chest when you have a sore throat or cold. Diffuse it as well and your home will smell like all kinds of earthy yumminess!

The Thieves Cleaning Line from Young Living is incredible! Going into most of the homes I clean, 80% of my clients have this bottle in their home; And let me tell ya, they're my favorite houses to clean because they smell the freshest after I have completed the house cleaning. I could smell that fresh scent all day. It is also safe to use on all appliances and works as a multi-purpose cleaner. Find all Young Living products by contacting your towns personal reps, or by going to their website

Oils Defusers. A must have for anyone who loves oils! Walking into a home that's diffusing oils makes me feel a sense of peace and calming. I love the wooden diffuser selection Amazon has and it delivers to your doorstep in 2 days with Amazon Prime!

Home Decor

With owning a home interior and exterior based business, we love staying up to date on styles and learning about new trends! But one that we have stuck to and will stick to in our own home is the minimalist, organic trend. We love to keeping it neutral with calming tones, and making sure our home is clutter free to insure we have no stress and a relaxing, cozy space to call home.

Organic wood of all kinds, greens, and natural light are our go to's when it comes to a minimalist theme. Having a clutter free home is so important to us because that means we can spend less time cleaning and more time living. My mind can relax if our home is decluttered, tidy and neat. Having a weekly cleaning schedule keeps us on track as well! Pinterest is my favorite place to go for declutter and home organizing tips! There is even printable spreadsheets to keep on task each week.

(Interior examples below! Photos from Pinterest to show examples, this is not our home. Visit our website to see our home and customer photos!

So travel, laugh, and try new things! Most of all, have fun learning, creating and inspiring others while on this journey! Our earth was made to help us thrive, so why not experience it and use it as a tool!

Well that about wraps it up! Quick post for tonight. Living whole is one of the best things I could have ever done for my body, soul and mind. Give it a try! I could talk forever about this topic :) but until next time, Saphire <3

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