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We are 1 in 8. (Infertility Awareness Week 🤍)

I had a post ready to write about all the ways to bring awareness to a topic that’s near and dear to Blake and I’s hearts. If I’m being honest this week has been one of the hardest in our infertility journey. Our faith was tested to the max.

I couldn’t wait to tell the world about all the ways to stop the hurtful things they say, the misconceptions, the opinions. All about how to stop assuming and grouping our needs and feelings and stories with others that share similar hurt. That each of our journeys are so different and we need and feel and grieve so differently.

But then I realized, that for some, these posts trigger it. They can make us crumble at the thought that once again we are part of a statistic that no one wants to apart of.

So I decided to bring awareness to us ♥️ the 1 in 8. Me. You. Us. We. Seems crazy but stay with me. Being apart of this statistic, I’ve decided to bring awareness to what infertility can also bring, along with 1 pink line, excruciating emotional pain and a period every month.


I’ve witnessed friends coming together to pray over me. Cry with me. Ones that bring communion to me in the car. With a jug of grape juice and crackers from a box. Ones that speak over me as I weep uncontrollably into their arms after the test reads not pregnant for the 1,000th time. Ones that remind me of Gods character, and fight the battle with me.

I’ve witnessed an entire church staff on Easter Sunday in the middle of a pandemic stop what they are doing and lay hands over me to ask God to work a miracle.

I’ve witnessed family members calling to talk me through a mental break down because yet another person (in trying to help) said something incredibly hurtful. Some of which that have walked through similar hurt 🤍 sometimes grief comes in the form of anger or insensitivity.

I’ve witnessed my husbands heart shattered, and ripped open at the news of his results, but yet pick himself up to believe and hold strong in faith that our God can work a miracle.

I’ve witnessed the most beautiful natural birth. One where the midwife didn’t make it and God not so accidentally placed me there, to witness a miracle. One that shattered my belief system and gave me a whole new meaning of the miracles God is capable of. Does anyone even realize how many things have to fall into place to create a child? 😳 our Maker is incredible.

I’ve witnessed a sisterhood like never before, hold tight to each other as we each walk down our journey differently. There’s really no one that understands more than those that are walking in it with you at the same time ♥️

I’ve witnessed new friendships become so dear because of the shared hurt and pain.

I’ve witnessed a God that turns all things for good, like becoming extremely passionate about helping others in their journey to getting pregnant and walking beside them as they grow their own miracles ♥️ (this ones my favorite.)

I’ve witnessed a God that has created a tiny human in wombs that were told would never carry a child.

I’ve witnessed a God that has shattered every doctors results.

I’ve witnessed strength that’s not humanly possible.

I’ve witnessed miracles in the form of foster care, adoption, IVF, IUI, and so many other fertility alternatives that God has blessed us with.

I’ve witnessed couples lean in closer on a journey that’s known to separate and push away.

These are a few of the things I’ve witnessed and I pray that through this journey, you will witness them too. 🤍

My story is not your story, I don’t grieve like you. I don’t know how many nights you’ve spent begging God for a miracle, but my wish for you sweet friend, is to know just how seen you are. How incredibly strong you are.

And so proudly, faithfully, hopefully, I stand as 1 in 8. Because there’s nothing that could grow me, strengthen me, empower me, more than this journey. And I believe, I have to believe, that God has called each of us to walk in it, not because we are unworthy or not good enough for a child, but because each of us posses a testimony of faith and hope that is filled with endurance and supernatural strength; So strong, that your testimony shatters just being apart of this statistic 🤍

So to you, the 1 in 8. I stand beside you, walk with you, cry with you, hurt with you, pray with you. I love you.



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