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Hello! My name is Saphire. I am a certified doula who is passionate about women’s overall health. Three years ago I started on my own journey of healing my body holistically and became extremely passionate about helping others do the same. For 15+ years I struggled with extreme body pain, fatigue, excruciating menstrual cycles, insulin resistance, unbalanced hormones, and autoimmune symptoms. I strongly believe that to fully heal, you have to look at all aspects; physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. Without looking at the overall picture, we lose sight of what the root cause can be. 


I have been helping women for the last 2 years take back their confidence in asking the hard questions and empowering them to do so in their own wellness journey, fertility journey, pregnancy journey and birth journey by welcoming calm in every aspect of their lives. I am so excited to finally make my business public after working behind the scenes for the last year. 🤍 As always, all glory to God for providing opportunities to flourish and grow in the calling He has granted me. A big thank you to all of the wonderful women that have supported me, encouraged me, hired me and allowed me to be your support when first starting out, I couldn’t have done it without you. 🤍


Love always, Saphire

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Client Testimonials

"If I could, I’d set a Saphire up in every room of the hospital just like an Alexa- so that she could help & impact other moms just like she did with me."


"Saphire helped me gain a confidence I never knew I had in me. I suffered from pregnancy and birth trauma due to a provider I had during a preterm labor scare and the birth of my twins also gave me a lot of anxiety to give birth to my singleton baby. Saphire gave me advice, she listened to me and validated all of my feelings and concerns I had for my upcoming birth. She helped write out a birth plan for me, checked in on me and how I was feeling, and helped me weigh out the pros and cons of induction. Although she wasn’t in the delivery room because I already had my maximum amount of support persons for my birth, her knowledge and support still followed during my labor. Saphire made me feel important, heard, validated, and seen. It’s what ever expectant mother needs. I can’t recommend her enough!"


"The last week of my pregnancy was a very long and confusing time. I was constantly going into prodromal labor and being sent home, not knowing what to expect and what not to expect. 

When I was trying to figure things out like “is this my mucus plug?”, “is this labor?”, “are these contractions?”, “what will help my labor progress faster & help my baby descend further into my pelvis?” I had almost no idea where to start. Google would just give me numerous different answers or freak me out- but then I remembered Saphire had done training and would know more about the questions that I have. 

When I messaged her, Saphire was quick to respond & calm me down. 

She helped me with positions to bring the baby down & exercises like rotating on a ball and stair skipping. 

She helped me time my contractions to decipher whether it was likely real labor or Braxton hicks, even though it was nearly one in the morning! She offered to stay up with me until we knew. 

She told me to trust my body, trust my mind, and have faith that everything will be alright. She told me I was doing a great job and that she was proud of me. 

She was with me every step. 

Even when I found out at 38 weeks (After my OB had already stripped my membranes) that my baby was breech, Saphire sent me sites and positions to flip my baby around & was there to listen to every concern I had and give assurance. She gave me hope when I needed it.

Without her, I’d have been anxious & on edge throughout my labor. Bringing a baby into the world is still a little scary for every mom. It hurts! But I had more faith in myself, my body, and my trust in God throughout the process. Every word she said, every resource she sent- stuck with me throughout my labor & I am SO grateful that she was there and able to help me. 

If I could, I’d set a saphire up in every room of the hospital just like an Alexa- so that she could help & impact other moms just like she did with me."


"THIS GIRL. I HIGHLY recommend having a doula if you're having a baby, and I had the BEST one. She cared for my heart & body before, during, and after labor in such a kind and powerful way. She set me up for a beautiful experience and helped me to process afterward."

Cost Of My Services

My practice is one that I feel called to serve any and all that are in need. Being a small part of your healing, fertility, birth and/or wellness journey is so special to me. Please ask about my cost reduction plan or payment plan. I can't wait to serve you and your families!

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